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Salar de Uyuni - Bolivia

Magic and Adventure in the biggest mirror in the world; where the earth blends with the sky.

The beauty and the loneliness in a rural and inhospitable land, they never had better representation that in Salar of Uyuni, whit more than 3.600 meters above the sea level and with more than 12.000 km2 of surface, it is the bigger mirror of salt in the world.

Located to the south of Oruro and to the west of Potosí the city of Uyuni is the starting point of many expeditions to the salt pit, the possibility to get lost in this immense sea of salt it is one more than the emotions that are added to this voyage.

The Pachamama or Mother Earth (Goddess that represents to the earth in the Quechua culture) she knew recreating the most surrealist landscapes as never seen. A fine layer of water on the white salt make one of the most beautiful natural shows on the earth, the reflection of the sky in the salt makes that only the gravity can serve us for distinguisht the sky from the earth.

Surrounded with mountains and volcanoes that reach the 5.000 meters high above sea level, the Salar of Uyuni, it is not only rich in indescribable landscapes it is one of those bigger reservations of litio of the world, with their 150 Kms. north to south, their 250 Kms. east to west and a depth of salt, that it varies from the 10cm to the 8 meters, it is calculated that it contains about 10 trillion tons of minerals.

The Salar de Uyuni is beauty, magic, adventure and much more, it is a place that invites us to touch in contact with the most rural in the nature, ideal for those that like of the photography and the adventure tourism. To continue trip to the National Park Eduardo Avaroa and the Laguna Verde and Laguna Roja it is advisable and almost obligatory.

About the Salt treatment, mostly is prepared in the Southeastern side that is located just 2 km. of Colchani, this town is the main point of the process and commercialization of the salt to the different points from the country. Near the Colchani railway station is installed a plant for the treatment of common salt, enriched with iodine and other aggregates, with a capacity of processing of 18,000 tons/year for human consumption and 2,700 tons/year of mineralized salt for animal consumption.

One the most visited places is Isla Incahuasi, call “Isla Pescado”, is a island located in the central part of Uyuni Salt Flat. It has a surface of 24.62 hectares, its surface is escarped. Here is located the giant cactus Trichocereus pasacana, that can be more than 10 meters of height. It is also a great tourist center because of its top the saline plain of Uyuni can be observed.

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