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Michael Blendinger Nature Tours, Tour Operator

Che Guevara Route, Vallegrande Region

Photographic tour in 4x4: A program of 3 days and 2 nights continuing The Ché Route toward Vallegrande.
Pucará, the Higuera, Postrervalle, old Mills of Stone, Rupestrian Paintings , Cactus Deserts and Waterfalls among Palmares.

It includes: English-German-Spanish guide,with a biology degree, snack, box lunch, transportation in private for excursion and contribution to the Neighboring Friends of the Amboró Program.
Departure from Samaipata

Day 1:
· Retracing the final steps of Ché Guevara Guerrilla to Vallegrande, Pucará, La Higuera and Churo Gorge.
· Arrival to Vallegrande (Mataral path ), lunch in restaurant.
· Visit to the most important places: the Hospital where Chés body was exposed, guerrillas common graves of the fallen in different battles and the Ches commemorative grave erected on its tomb recently founded at the air trail, after years of mystery.
· Travel to Higueras, little stop at Pucará.
· Village photographic tour before Dinner.
· We will spend the night at Pucará.

Day 2:
· Breakfast and subsequently visit to Higueras, execution Che place and Churo Gorge where the Che was captured.
· Lunch in Pucará.
· At our return way to Vallegrande, income to Palmarito and visit to the paintings rupestres of Virgins and Devils.
· Arrived al I laugh Tembladeras, good place to camp and to have dinner.

Day 3:
· Desayuo and disarmed of the camp, to initiate the traveled through to Postrervalle.
· After 2 hs. of trip camped in the New settlement of Lands.
· Photographic Village-tour in the "Jardín de las Delicias" Postrervalle, with refrigerio.
· Traveled through to Samaipata by 1h stopping us in The Pajcha (spectacular waterfall among exuberant vegetation, to swim in its attractive one poza and natural beach).


Ruta del Ché Guevara, Vallegrande
Ruta del Ché Guevara, Vallegrande
Che Guevara Route, Vallegrande Region
Che Guevara Route, Vallegrande Region
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