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· Cobija is the capital of Pando, it is a city with a panoramic beauty - Hotels List - Includes information about hotels, site attractions, travel services and tourism adventure ·

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Tourism in Cobija - Pando, Bolivia


Cobija is the capital of Pando. Here, you will find good hotel and lodging services and you will taste the varied gastronomy of the place.

The department of Pando has 5 provinces and 11 cantons.

Cobija is a beautiful small city, its streets and constructions seem to be part of a picturesque tropical painting.

The economy of Pando is based on the gathering of the chestnut and latex. The rubber, extracted from special forests, is considered the best world quality.

Pando has a promissory future in the tourism industry because it possesses different places of great beauty; in such sense, the main attractions this department offers are adventure tourism, diverse sports, fishing, and relaxation areas.

Tourist Attractions and Ecotourism-

The principal square of the city is one of the most precious structures of the country. To the south of the city, an elevated landscape plenty of prairies and emerald water rivers can be observed.
To the northeast, the Acre Lumberyard is placed. To the west of the city, impressive shining sunsets can be appreciated among the green mountains.
It is recommendable to visit historical structures like: the Prefecture building, the Municipal Mayor ship, the Post Office, the Social Club, the Naval Base, the Palace of Justice, the Agricultural Polytechnic, and the Public Market whose colonial architecture is really impressive.
Natural attractions can be visited too:
· Las Piedras (The Stones). This is a region where traces of Inca constructions can be admired, such structures date back from the period of the Inca Yupanqui government period. There are also other ancestral aborigine populations’ traces.
· San Vicente Acre River is an incredible animal cemetery where there are hundreds of petrified fossils in an admirable state of conservation. Such fossils belong to big turtles that had shells over 4 meters. This is a great producing center of rubber and almond.
· Tahuananu Lagoons. In these lagoons, excellent fishing can be practiced.
· The Bay Lake. This precious bay is located near the Manupiri River, only 25 minutes, by plane, from Cobija.
· The Alto Woodland is an ideal place for adventure tourism and hunting.
. The Cachuelas is an interesting location which is placed on the Abuna River.

Ethnic Groups

In the Amazonian forests of Pando, ethnic groups as Toromonas, Pacahuaras, Machicangas and other ancient tribes live surrounded by immense forests composed by exotic flora and fauna.

Hotels in the city of Cobija

Plaza de Cobija
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